Industrial Solutions

If you own, run or manage an industrial building, such as a factory or a smelting facility, we have several solar solutions for you. Depending on your investment preferences, we have solar solutions to your technical and financial requirements.

Option A: Instalment

We install the system for you and you pay for the system on a monthly basis with credit card or instalment plans of up to 24 months.

Option B: Solar Contract

Switch your businesses to solar for zero upfront cost. Pay less for electricity immediately.

Option C: Purchase

The simplest path is to purchase your system directly with full payment at once and receive a return of investment of 30% and above annually.

Solar Savings

  • With Solar Panels
  • Without Solar Panels

Solar Leasing Contract

We will install solar equipments and solar panels for you with NO product cost. You pay only for the initial 1-time installation cost at the beginning. And get a lower rate for electricity instantly for a period of years depending on the contract.

Hassle free conversion to solar energy with more cost savings and fixed electricity billing every month lower than your current bill to PLN.